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Computer Science Translation

The field of computer hardware and software. It includes systems analysis & design, application and system software design and programming and datacenter operations.

Increasingly, Internet business is taking place in a language other than English, and it is imperative that our customers have the ability to cross-language enable their internet portals.

Global Bridge provide software and hardware localization and related services such as translation, internationalization and localization testing in over 70 languages, Website Translation

Translation Process incude:

Engineers and Domain experts: Analyses the project

•  Multimedia specialists, designers and graphic artists analyze the project and assess the requirements
•  Establishes activities to be performed and milestones


•  Translates the project, follows instructions
•  Delivers feedback and checklist


•  Proofreads the project
•  Delivers feedback and checklist

Engineers and Domain experts: Integrates translation

•  Integrates the translation as per the structure and designs in multimedia publishing software like Director, 3DMax, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Shockwave, Fireworks, etc.
•  Re-engineering of scripts and codes to ensure functionality in different languages
•  Rechecks the project for technical compliance

Translator: Final review

•  Rechecks the translation now integrated with the multimedia presentation
•  Delivers feedback and checklist

Project Manager: Reviews and delivers the project

•  Checks for compliance of the instructions and requirements
•  Maintains necessary records for consistency and reuse

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