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Clinical Translaiton

Our advantages:

•  modern hardware and software
•  experienced project managers
•  qualified and integrated translation team
•  cooperation with the subject matter specialists
•  complete adaptation to the local market and culture requirements
•  careful functional testing
•  quality assurance

If you need assistance in moving a project forward from a bench or preclinical observation into the clinical setting, or have a clinical trial and seek additional basic science input or collaborative partners for end-point studies, consider utilizing the advisory guidance that can be provided by our translation group composed of basic scientists, clinical investigators, and representatives of various regulatory entities.

We can provide constructive feedback to Investigators in such areas as concept development, timelines for clinical development, potential roadblocks, technology transfer and regulatory issues, toxicology evaluation, necessary contacts in the development pathway, the need for additional preclinical studies, and prioritization of relevant clinical endpoints, among others. We can assure professional, high quality professional translations

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